Siracusa 1962  (Italy).

I saw things, nature, people, animals and wondered how everything could be together.

Invent a language. A language from scratch.

It ‘s impossible to invent a language from scratch. The words are needed before.

I studied science and touch up the limits.

By persevering in my research finally go into a fine art store and buy  what you need for painting.

It ‘was a decisive moment.

I taught myself to understand the painting and how to lead a life suitable to paint.

For a long time I did not know artsts, nor art critics, gallery owners, nor collectors.

Exhibited the paintings at home and only for friends that I attended.

I began public exhibition  in the cultural centers “Zarathustra” in Torino and  “Garibaldi” in Milano.

Between 2001 and 2006 I participated in several group shows and released three solo exhibitions.

  • 2001 – “Art is not ‘one’ ” at the Contini Gallery of  Cortina d’Ampezzo.

  • 2005 – ‘Statures Humaines’ at Villa Bagatelle in Marseille was presented by Maurizio Borghi. 2005 – “Femme” at the gallery shop of art Morley (RM). The exhibition was curated by Monica Chiovoloni.

  • 2005 – “Via Lucis” at the premises of the former Monastery of the Retreat at Siracusa.L ‘exhibition was curated by Paul Giansiracusa.

  • 2006 – “Between Heaven and Earth” at the gallery “Quadrifoglio” in Syracuse, directed by Mario sews. 2006 – “Area 5″ new exhibition hall in the jazz clubs of Sergio Amato Canicattini Baths (SR).

  • 2007 – “Contemporary” – the Government Palace in Syracuse

  • 2011 – “4Dreams” – Monastery of SS. Salvatore – Noto (SR)

  • “Chicco Calleri e Michele Ciacciofera” – Galleria Quadrifoglio – Siracusa

  • “Chicco Calleri e Michele Ciacciofera ” – Galleria Rossini – Gela (CL)

    I continue chasing and be headed by the painting.

    In my journey I have been supported by different persons to me more or less close

    All of them very important for the development of my work.

    I thank them and remember them all, but often, in this public forum, I avoid making the names in respect of their privacy.